Welcome to my humble abode on the Net! ~안녕하세요~

This site updates semi-frequently, and I use it for journaling my thoughts and having fun with coding. Some parts of the site may be password locked for my own comfort of mind, but please feel free to poke around everywhere else in the meantime.
Also, I don't bite, so feel free to contact me anytime.

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Some small updates for the new year! Hope it goes well for everyone.

Added buttons and created own art assets to replace the ones I was using before. I am not entirely happy with my own personal assets so far, so I will probably redraw them whenever I get the time. They'll do for now while I work on getting other pages set up.

Did some general housekeeping of the home page (updated Of The Week section, daily quote, status, and newest page section).

Finished the journal directory. Well, at least the first version for now. I'm not entirely happy with how bland it looks, but it'll do until inspiration strikes me again. Next goal is to either finish my profile or finish decorating the other journals.

Finally finished the journal page. I'll have to work on a gateway to the different journals I have tomorrow, and also work on the styling of the separate journals, but the bulk of the work is finished! The journal entries are loaded into the journal via a JSON file using JS, which should make it easier on me to do entries and such. Also added some fun animations and sound effects as well. I made some custom assets for the bulleting and the binder tabs that allow you to navigate between journals as well. Had a lot of fun, and thank GOD I finished it because I did want to journal very badly. I think it looks pretty good! I won't update the newest page widget yet until I finish the gateway between the home and the journals, but that should be up shortly anyways now that the hard part is over. I will probably work on my profile page next, and then the gallery, and then finally fix the broken explore widget on this page.

Tweaked some stuff on the front page (added lace borders, changed backgrounds, etc.) Also by the way, quick note: I currently can't comment or respond to comments on my page, but I do see all of them! Thank you all very much for all the nice words you have left me.

Added the profile page. Not all of it is done, but I am unsure if I have the energy to finish it in one go. I have the wireframes and sketches for the other two parts of that page, but I should probably rest as I am currently (still) ill. Gah. I want to start journaling already. Oh well.

Added text selection and tooltip support. Also fixed the special character issue that Neocities has...

Finished the first layout of this site. The random buttons don't work yet, and I need to set up the messageboard. Next up, my profile and journaling pages!